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Clinician materials

Clinician materials

Von Willebrand disease (VWD) is the most common bleeding disorder, but unfortunately it often remains overlooked and undiagnosed. The diagnosis is a complex process, and both diagnosis and management of the disease are interdisciplinary tasks.1

On, Prof. Corrales and Prof. Berntorp provide you and your patients with helpful resources and tools to support the evaluation of bleeding symptoms and diagnosis of VWD. The tools include a quick online bleeding test that helps when assessing bleeding symptoms and a downloadable menstrual chart for your patients with heavy menstrual bleeding to monitor their blood loss.
Management of VWD is always a multidisciplinary effort. Here, you will find expert advice from Prof. Corrales, Prof. Berntorp and their colleagues on how to best manage your patients with VWD. They also prepared a few case reports of patients with undiagnosed VWD: bleeding after tooth extraction, heavy menstrual bleeding, and easy bruising and frequent nose bleeds. These cases illustrate typical symptoms of patients with VWD and the basic work-up required for a diagnosis of the condition.

To learn more about VWD and the global awareness campaign around, we recommend that you have a look at our recent publication.

Clinician materials

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